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The night I served Charlie Sheen ( @CharlieSheen ) was... | Op-Ed | Entertainment News | Stefan Daniel Bell Written March 7, 2011

The night I served Charlie Sheen (@CharlieSheen ) was... | Op-Ed | Entertainment News | Stefan Daniel Bell
Written March 7, 2011

The night I served Charlie Sheen, in the early 1990's, was surprisingly uneventful. I was told what a ____ he was. Our contact began and ended with something like, "Put the coffee over there." Of all the A-List I served, he and John Malkovich seemed the most down to earth.

I've been watching the newest debacle and I had to blog. The issue is too current, too popular: A celebrity that is hard to deal with and has substance problems. Wow. So new. So "news."

It's time to back off Charlie Sheen. Why? Because it's between his ex-bosses and him. No one has a clue what is happening...

...and Bravo Charlie Freaking Sheen!! A top ten show into a solo spin off without taking the middle-people and agents with you!

That is balls. That is gumption. That is an over forty who was in mainstream movies when the Internet was a joke. The man has sold millions of tabloids.

Are any of the stories true? Why do you care? Are you thinking of marrying him?


Is anyone paying attention to how much money this is making? He might have been fired for ratings. If so, it doesn't look like they told Charlie. Or did they? My best speculation is the exec's are skipping next years raise for a spinoff without charging Mr. Sheen for rights to the original franchise based on him? Mmmm...? Now that sounds like a 2011 business deal.

Is anyone tracking the public dealings that are happening? Public offers by Mr. Sheen? Public denials from exec's? Does anyone remember last week when transparency was cool? People dig through people's private lives for "facts." Mr. Sheen made his offers public. Does anyone realize how huge that is?! It hasn't happened since the Golden Era of Film- it was people like Marilyn Monroe that said it. And it wasn't like this. 

Charlie Sheen just made entertainment history and all people do is talk trash? Then he breaks a record on twitter and he is "____." Come on. 

Let's examine why people are saying he is ____. He was just fired from a tv show on which he portrays a talkative, sexist, womanizing, adamantly alcoholic, drug using, stalker doing, proudly offensive Man who is a resentful son, a begrudging brother, and a nefarious uncle; that character is a man who I wouldn't let date my sister. And. I like that character. Why? He ADMITS it. He likes being him. He likes the life he chose. He doesn't mind being a ____. I'm also grateful to the show for explaining how guys like that ruin my next ex-girlfriend before she sees what an idiot I am.

Was anyone aware that the character was based on the bad press of Charlie Sheen's life? Which makes two good points:
1. WTF are studio executives upset about? Movie actor, Charlie Sheen, put you on the map with a parody of his life and you fire him for acting like "himself"? LOL, as we say.

2. Anyone upset at Mr. Sheen for his pre or post firing behavior? Are you kidding me? This is exactly what his character on that show does and would do, with one exception- the character on the show is and never will be as famous as Charlie Sheen. Ironic. The "ego maniac" "losing it" let them write his life: as a character who was a Hollywood wannabe? A washed up, second rate jingle writer who never wins awards? Right. 

Ego Maniac? It doesn't sound like it.

Sounds like a smart, confident guy, who has kids he wants to provide for. It sounds like a guy who is a little more mature than the press he gets.

He also sounds like a father who just lost his job and fears being unemployed. Scared, emotional, on edge? Well? Sure. When you get publicly fired on CNN, I'd love to hear you sound in...

But what do I know? I only served him coffee almost twenty years ago...

The night I served Charlie Sheen was... | Op-Ed | Entertainment News | Stefan Daniel Bell
Written March 7, 2011

Stefan Daniel Bell

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