Thursday, March 8, 2012

New version of song, "Future Love," 4 new albums on iTunes, & a trailer for a short film... ~ stefan

New Short film release on with a new remix of the song, "Future Love"

Four new albums released in the last 30 days!

Full length tracks here (music will play in the background of an iphone)...
4th Release, TODAY.

3rd Release Guitar Rock Classical Electronica

2nd Release Japanese Victorian Sasquatch

1st Release Future Love by Stefan Daniel Bell

~ stefan

Metacouture™ Music News February-March, 2012 | Released "Future Love" "Japanese Victorian Sasquatch" Guitar Rock Classical Electronica" & "STEF-NO-MUSICOLOGY" by Stefan Daniel Bell. Buy them now on iTunes.

Stefan Daniel Bell - Future Love Genres: pop electronica lounge loungepunk rock classical soundtrack electronic dance vocal spoken-word experimental breakbeat downtempo hip-hop disco guitar mod grunge classic-rock punk hard-rock glam heavy-metal custom jazz acid-jazz

Stefan Daniel Bell
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mini Film Steftival | The music, fashion, & art of stefan daniel bell

Mini Film Steftival
Newest fashion overview:

New outfit: The Persephone

Short film about a performance I will do soon: 100 Days of Solitude

Short film about another outfit: The Oracle at Delphi

My first good fashion film about my Japanese Victorian Rock and Rock Fashion:

Future Love

~ stef

Stefan Daniel Bell