Friday, February 11, 2011

Writing by Stefan Daniel Bell | Compilation started February 2011

Article about The Stefan, An Apple, An iPhone, Fans Under 30, Technology, Creativity, and a New Song Release. "Love Star 4_vr2" by Stefan Daniel Bell of metacouture™

I am the Ed Wood of Fashion: My first fashion editorial by stefan daniel bell ~stefan...~x

#4Fans till i get back!! ~x. metacouture fall syllabus by stefan daniel bell Arts and Culture profile of the planet from the perspective of stefan daniel bell (human designation x) of metacouture in the fall of 2010 as it relates to global popular culture

"you are the runway" the inside on metacouture & future fashion...~x video blog w text

If you think Ariel Hyatt's Book is too short or isn't getting enough press...Read the book again. You didn't get it. ~x

New Edit W Subtitles! Jerusalem by William Blake | video & lyrics by stefan daniel bell of metacouture™ subtitled in english... ~x

#Video Reading: Song for Saint Francis ~read 2 my Mom, Rev. Emily S. Bell ~x | stefan daniel bell. copyright 2010

The Story of Stefan Daniel Bell | Biography for people who need to be impressed

Biography of the Japanese Victorian Sasquatch, stefan daniel bell,

full written blog & short film of my drawings: my drawn fashion portfolio from a couple years ago...the clothes you are wearing now...drawn then. Hruh?!...

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