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Director, Fashion Designer, Online PR & Promotional Services. Full professional summary of Stefan Daniel Bell |

Director, Fashion Designer, Online PR & Promotional Services. Full professional summary of Stefan Daniel Bell |

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Current Work Biography and Offer to You

PR and Identity Development
As a PR & Identity Consultant with over twenty years experience, his skills, and experience work for you.
-Creative consulting on how to reflect your personality, goals, and human-ness online.

Search Engine Optimization, Internet Analysis and Consulting, Technology Consulting, Photography, Writing, and more...
-Observing, reflecting, and creating the Identity you wish for yourself and your work.

Personalized Fashion and Styling for Online Presence
"I am able to style, refine, and photograph your public identity to better match your professional competence."
-You benefit directly from his extensive work as a couture and fashion designer, as well as fashion coordinator for photographer Jodi Jones' Brooklyn Studio 2006-07; his runway debut was presented at Couture Fashion Week at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City in 2007. His fashion print art direction credits date back to 1992.

Copy Writing for PR, Promotional, and Biographical Materials
-Together, you and Stefan may collaborate in writing and creating your biographical material for the internet that is accessible to multiple age groups and audiences in key markets around the world. It is important to reflect "you" as a real person when doing online PR or business. The key to "social media" is to convey to whomever you reach out to that you are the person you are in your "real" or offline life.

Hourly Consulting that Works
-Stefan works by the hour, in many cases teaching you how to solve things yourself. Solutions are quickly identified and applied; with a focus on your available time and resources.

Conclusion and Overview 
"My goal is always to teach you how to use your computer and peripheral technology to interact with the world at your level of competence in the time you have available and in the way you want to be seen…," Stefan concludes, "..using Transmedia and New Media in combination with traditional art forms, I try to help the technical underpinning of any given system to disappear. This gives your potential market a seamless presentation that gets the computer out of the way. Using the systems I have innovated and designed, you actually have a chance to interact with the people in your field you want to talk to. If a million people walked into your business tomorrow, you’d be out of business. You don’t need or want a million hits. You want the right hits from the right people. You want the right or appropriate requests that match your ability to fulfill satisfaction for your valued customer. I do this, in part, by customizing your Internet presentation to your technical profession and the time and resources you have available. I help you build your living biography, solve problems, and then get out of your way to let you have fun."

About Stefan Daniel Bell
About Stefan Daniel Bell
About the Transmedia or New Media Musician, Artist, Designer, and Consultant, Stefan Daniel Bell, in his own words:
"My specialty in entertainment media works by finding effective and charming ways to promote you with accuracy in your life and in search engines. My goal is a highly sophisticated presentation that looks authentic and human.”
Artist and Media Consultant Stefan Daniel Bell smiles shyly as he describes and explains himself: 
“I have a fascinating, large personality- typical of an over trained, psedo-intellectual genius: I’m a classical composer, a member of ASCAP, a live art performer, a couture fashion designer, a sculptor, a painter, a photographer, and a cinematographer…  I maintain several artistic blogs, I am beginning a painting commission, my music is number fifteen on's Los Angeles charts…I am intense."
Stefan has been training as a fine artist for almost thiry years. His foundation is in classical realism. (see example here: )
His PR, Identity, Online, and Technology Consulting since the late 1990's.
Stefan Daniel Bell is a New Media or Transmedia Musician and Artist (as in "across many artistic and technological media"). Many people's impressions of first meeting? His intense focus, concentration, and ability to listen. Relax knowing someone cares and listens to your whole online story. He can advise you on creating content or materials for online presentations; with the goals of creating personalized, high quality, direct hits, as well as professional responses from people in your field.


Stefan Daniel Bell
• Classical Musician for Soundtracks & Life
• ASCAP Member
• Internet & Technology Consultant
• Human
"I endeavor to be available to you, 48 hours a day. When I seem like I am not, please see the links below..." ~Stefan

• My Website
• My Google Profile

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