Monday, December 6, 2010

Utterly Ridiculous Videos of Stefan Wearing Huge Glasses. All in 1 Place.

Utterly Ridiculous Videos of Stefan Wearing Huge Glasses. All in 1 Place. Video Blog Sequence Oct-Nov.2010
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The First Outrageous Fantastic & Hilarious Glasses Series starts here:
RT fan fave snarling rockstar photo: ~ stefan

Then this was the first video:

Second video:
RT Second video blog in the new series... "We're all in constant danger of taking rselves way 2 seriously..." ~ stefan

Then went here:
RT "is this thing on?..." | stunned, amazed, & how cool you like this one by me?!!... You Rock! ~stefan

That's when it got out of control...
RT You Rock. "I'm very serious..." mini vid to prove it... (it's not serious, it's seriously hilarious) ~stefan

RT Follow up hilarity... "Seriously" mini video. Thank you. ~stefan

RT @the_stefan_ Robot Groupie Love Mini Video Blog. (yes. A blog for Robots. I am odd. I write music for robots too)...

The Stefan | Official Message About DM's & Contact...(non-offensive #Offenity ridiculousness & Rockstar glasses)

RT "What does it take to be a Hero?...The right attitude, & the proper glasses, obviously..." mini vid. ~stefan

RT "Thought I'd show u my new casual glasses..low key..low profile...not trying 2 draw 2 much attention.." ~stefan #VBlog

RT"...just sitting around waiting for my close up...don't tell my fans..." you might like this. ~stefan

I am not even kidding you. This is a recap so far...

RT "If u were so inclined, I'd tell u 2 talk a walk in my clothes, but they're so dirty...they'd do all the work for u.. ~ stefan

RT "..and now for a moment, from my self imposed fortress..Of Classical ROCK..!!" ~ The Adventures of Stefan #VBlog

RT "..u know the 1st of Classical Rock Camp was not so bad... The Adventures of Stefan #VBlog Stefan Daniel Bell

RT "..getting rather attached to my glasses..." The Adventures of Stefan #VBlog

Stefan Daniel Bell

RT "'s not about comes from the inside.." The Adventures of Stefan #VBlog Stefan Daniel Bell

That's what happens when I'm left alone with camera and props.
"...O.M.G. Who is that guy?..."

Stefan Daniel Bell

RT Popular blog of mine I'm stoked u like: Thanks! Who says Snarling Guitar Rockstar Glasses r out of style? lol. ~stefan

RT Intense Moments in Bed with Stefan | from my online performance last summer. Couture sculpture. #phonecitis lol ~stefan

RT "Awesome" in, You Are!!! ~PSA by me...(public sincerity announcement) Thank you for being here! ~stefan

RT How Awesome?! "Totally" #PublicSincerityAnnouncement by me... ~stefan

RT #4Followers -> "You Rock" #PublicSincerityAnnouncement #VBlog (mini video blog) Thank u for being here. ~stefan

RT "Rock" #NiteNite ~stefan

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